$15,000 for Food and Supplies Donated by Contractors, Company and Employees on Retreat

ib roof donation drive
March 30, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.

By IB Roof Systems. 

IB Roof Systems expands humanitarian efforts, partnering with the RCD foundation to deliver food and supplies to the community of Los Cabos, Mexico. 

On March 2, 2022, IB Roof Systems humanitarian, feed the families, event was huge. Over 400 families in need will be fed around the Los Cabos area due to the efforts of IB Roof Systems contractors and their families. 

During the week long retreat in Los Cabos, Mexico the scheduled two hours for the event was accomplished in 45 minutes. High-fives all-the-way around. Thank you to the RCD foundation for using our donations and buying the food items from local vendors and bringing them out to the resort. Thank you to the staff at the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos for giving us the room to accomplish this wonderful feat. And thank you to Kyle Thomas, incoming chairmen, for the National Roofing Contractors Association for rolling up your sleeves and joining us on the floor. Finally, thank you for all who donated your precious time and money to this significant cause. This wouldn't have been a success without you opening your hearts. 

This event, though small in time commitment, will allow hundreds to go to bed with a full stomach. And all involved can go to bed knowing they made a huge difference in someone's life. Great job everyone! 

Going the extra mile 

In addition to the food kits, the RCD foundation shared with IB Roof Systems that women in the local area utilized used uniforms from the Hard Rock Hotel and use the material to make stuffed animal monkeys, to sell for income. IB Roof Systems bought 100 monkeys to help. But then found out that the women were washing all the uniforms by hand, Our hearts grew a little bigger and IB purchased a washer and dryer for them to lighten their burden a little more. Thank you, RCD foundation, for bringing this huge need to our attention. Thank you to the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos for donating your uniforms, and thank you to all who donated money to help families in this time of need. Feeding families is great. Helping them feed themselves feels even greater. Learn more about this project here

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