By Dani Sheehan. Consider supporting this roofing foundation and celebrate ...
By Kyle A. Nurminen, Total Roofing Systems. Commercial real estate investments' ...
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This insightful podcast welcomes amazing metal professionals who talk about topics that are hot in the metal construction industry. Listen to learn about the issues and topics that matter to your metal business and to gain insights into new trends, products, solutions, technologies and more! 

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NFBA - Podcast on Expo

Megan Pope, Robyn Ommen, Joe Shimp & Josh Nowlin - NFBA’s 2024 Expo

S1:E29 In this MetalCast episode, Karen Edwards visits with NFBA Executive Director Megan Pope, Assocation President Robyn Ommen of Sherwin-Williams along with NFBA executive board members, Mark Billstrom, president of Lester Building Systems, Joe Shimp, president of Conestoga Buildings and Josh Nowlin, business development manager of Burrow’s Supply, to discuss NFBA’s ...

Sherwin-Williams - MetalCast with Kiki & Brynn

Kiki Redhead & Brynn Wildenauer - Choose Your Hues With FUSE!

S1:E28 Karen Edwards visits with Kiki Redhead and Brynn Wildenauer of Sherwin-Williams to discuss the FUSE architectural color forecast. They talk about color trends, how to choose the right colors for your business and what colors are trending in the marketplace today. They will also cover which colors are becoming more ...

Malco Products - Podcast

Jon Olson – Malco Products, Metal Tools and METALCON

S1:E27 In this MetalCast episode, Karen Edwards visits Jon Olson of Malco Products to discuss the history of their company, their tool collection, and the new products they are launching. They also discuss the live demos and their booth at METALCON 2023 this coming October. Pour a cup of coffee ...

John Sheridan - MetalCast - METALCON Training Zone

John Sheridan – Check out the Training Zone at METALCON 2023

S1:E26 Heidi J. Ellsworth road trips east to visit with John Sheridan of Sheridan Metal Resources about the new Training Zone at METALCON 2023. It will feature demonstrations and education using a variety of mock-ups and materials including painted steel, aluminum and zinc. Training will focus on proper detailing ...


Mindy Dahlquist and Nick Mentzer - Preventing Liability and Tragedy With Snow Retention

S1:E25 What can happen when snow on a roof is left to accumulate over time? To answer this question, Heidi J. Ellsworth is road tripping to soon-to-be snowy Utah to talk with Mindy Dahlquist from TRA Snow & Sun about keeping your family and guests safe in the winter. Mindy Dahlquist ...

Rilla - MetalCast with Sebastian Jimenez

Sebastian Jimenez - Taking Sales Calls to the Next Level with AI

S1:E24 In this MetalCast episode, Heidi J. Ellsworth visits with the leading technology group Rilla. Sitting down with Shan Lagudas and Sebastian Jimenez she learns how sales calls can move to the next level with the technology around AI. Rilla automatically transcribes and analyzes sales conversations using Artificial Intelligence in ...

MetalForming - MetalCast - Teaser Campaign

Ken McLauchlan - Rollforming, The Next Big Thing!

S1:E23 Heidi J. Ellsworth meets up with Ken McLauchlan, recently back from Europe with big news about what they will be sharing at METALCON this year. It is big news that will be officially launched at the 2023 METALCON show. MetalCoffeeShop has the exclusive first talk about one of the biggest ...

METALCON - MetalCast on Expo

Judy Geller - METALCON 2023 Expo

S1:E22 In this MetalCast episode, Heidi J. Ellsworth sits down with Judy Geller of METALCON to discuss their upcoming 2023 Expo. The show features a dynamic exhibit hall with interactive educational sessions that allow attendees to find the innovations and solutions they need for business success. New this year is the ...

CCN - MetalCast - Elevate 2023

Gary Cohen - Elevating Your Business

S1:E21 In this MetalCast episode, Heidi J. Ellsworth sits down with Gary Cohen from Certified Contractors Network to discuss their fall conference, Elevate. Featuring nationally renowned speakers, along with opportunities to network with the nation’s top contracting and remodeling professionals, Elevate is the event to help you build success for your ...

Swenson Shear - MetalCast with Morgan Jakosa

Morgan Jakosa - Tools to Help You Through a Labor Shortage

S1:E20 Heidi J. Ellsworth sits down with Morgan Jakosa of Swenson Shear to discuss their take on which tools help the most during a labor shortage. They will talk through the history of their flagship product, the SnapTable PROHyper-Lite, the benefits of cross-training, and the importance of quality assurance. They will ...

Renoworks - MetalCast

Brad Finck - What Can Visualization Do For You?

S1:E19 In this MetalCast episode, Heidi J. Ellsworth sits down with Brad Finck of Renoworks to discuss visualization in the roofing industry. They will cover the history, the different types, how to utilize visualization in your business, and how it can help consumers make more well-informed decisions. They will also discuss ...

ABC - MetalCast with Vince

Vince Kiteley - Introduction to American Building Components

S1:E18 Heidi J. Ellsworth welcomes Vince Kiteley to this MetalCast™ to learn more about American Building Components (also known as ABC Metals). ABC Metals is the largest manufacturer of exterior building products in North America, servicing commercial, residential and repair and remodel markets. Listeners will get to know this powerful brand and how ...

MRA - MetalCast

Renee Ramey - Showcase Your Work in MRA’s Photo Contest!

S1:E17 Heidi J. Ellsworth welcomes Renee Ramey to this MetalCast™ episode to discuss Metal Roofing Alliance’s photo contest! As the top expert in residential metal roofing, the MRA has curated hundreds of residential metal roof photos through their quarterly photo contest. They have then developed leading case studies from ...

Indiana Metal - MetalCast

Jena & Jonathan Jackson - Sales and Installation Training With Indiana Metal

S1:E16 Heidi J. Ellsworth sits down with Jena and Jonathan Jackson to discuss their family business, Indiana Metal, and the impact they’ve made with their sales and installation training. They will cover Indiana Metal’s Customer Philosophy, how they came to be a company, their training and rental programs, the products they ...

MCA - MetalCast with Jeff Henry

Jeff Henry - Look Who is Turning 40 – Metal Construction Association!

S1:E15 Heidi J. Ellsworth visits with Metal Construction Association (MCA) Executive Director Jeff Henry about their 40th anniversary. The MCA is well-known for their activism with promoting the use of metal along with technical and specification work to help the overall installation performance of metal products. They will talk about the ...

ToolBelt - MetalCast

Joshua Engelbrecht - Find Labor Fast by Phone or Web

S1:E14 Heidi J. Ellsworth virtually road trips to meet up with Josh Engelbrecht, CEO of ToolBelt. As the founder of ToolBelt, Josh talks about how his technology is connecting contractors who need labor with crews and individuals who are looking for work. Originally a mobile app, Josh shares the launch of ...

Metal-Era - MetalCast

Brad Van Dam - The Essentials of Edge Metal

S1:E13 Heidi J. Ellsworth meets up with Brad Van Dam of MTL Holdings to talk Edge Metal! Roofers know the importance of edge metal for overall roof performance, and we want to talk about that! Under the umbrella of MTL Holdings, Metal-Era and Hickman are the largest and most accomplished edge ...

Metalcast-TRA-Dahlquist-Podcast S1

Mindy Dahlquist - The Importance of Snow Retention and Metal Roofs

S1:E12 Heidi J. Ellsworth meets with Mindy Dahlquist of TRA Snow & Sun to talk about snow retention. With the ongoing rise in metal roof sales, this MetalCast addresses the importance of roofing companies utilizing and understanding snow retention. Mindy and Heidi discuss how snow retention is installed, the ...

CIDAN - MetalCast

Ryan King - CIDAN Opens their Doors

S1:E11 Heidi J. Ellsworth connects with Ryan King of CIDAN Machinery Group who is the leader in architectural and roofing sheet metal fabrication machinery. CIDAN has been around since 1907 and has over 5,000 machines in the United States. Ryan and Heidi talk about CIDAN’s upcoming open house and their ...

Vicwest - MetalCast

Geoff Bernstein - Meet Vicwest

S1:E10 Heidi J. Ellsworth heads north to meet up with Geoff Bernstein of Vicwest to introduce this innovative Canadian company to the U.S. market. Since 1930, Vicwest has been engineering and manufacturing metal roofing and wall systems that withstand the harshest climates. Not only are their products environmentally friendly, but ...

John Stortz & Son - MetalCast

Tom Stortz - Tools of the Trade

S1:E9 Heidi J. Ellsworth meets up with Tom Stortz of John Stortz & Son, a leading manufacturer and distributor of metal working tools. Founded in 1853, the company continues to offer quality specialty hand tools nearly 170 years after it was founded where they still are doing business out of the ...

Sheridan Metal Resources - Nicole Pinto MetalCast

Nicole Pinto & John Sheridan - The Growth of Metal Roofing

S1:E8 On this MetalCast, Heidi J. Ellsworth meets Nicole Pinto, who mentored and trained with John Sheridan. They talk about the appeal of metal roofing and construction. Nicole trained with John Sheridan in the summer of 2022 and learned how to install a metal roof, which she did when she reroofed ...

Grosso University - MetalCast

Dominic Caminata - Make More with Metal Sales

S1:E7 Heidi J. Ellsworth sits down with Dominic Caminata who co-founded Grosso University to talk about the explosion of metal roofing sales in this MetalCast. Since 2019, Dominic has focused on home improvement as a leader in multi-million-dollar sales and training. As a Sherwin-Williams MetalVue partner, Grosso is focused ...

EagleView - MetalCast

Rob Soper - Metal Roofing Takes Off With Technology

S1:E6 Heidi J. Ellsworth visits with Rob Soper of EagleView about their amazing technology that allows contractors to get accurate measurements and take offs for metal roofs. This landmark technology was not possible ten years ago but today, EagleView has innovated technology that can create rooftop measurements that are accurate enough ...

MRA - MetalCast

Renee Ramey - How Hot is Metal Roofing Growth?

S1:E5 On this MetalCast, Heidi J. Ellsworth sits down with Renee Ramey, executive director of the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) to talk about the growth of residential metal roofing. What is driving the growth of residential roofing; sustainability, performance, aesthetics? Renee talks about all the growth factors and the ...

Drexel Metals - MetalCast

Brian McLaughlin - Metal Roofing Made in America

S1:E4 Heidi J. Ellsworth visits with Brian McLaughlin, Eastern sales and business development manager for Drexel Metals, about the importance of Made in America products. Since 1985, Drexel Metals has been a trusted provider of superior-quality metal roofing systems, equipment and custom fabrication services. They have built a reputation of ...

Meet the New National Frame Building Association President – Robyn Ommen

Robyn Ommen – Meet the New National Frame Building Association President

S1:E3 Heidi J. Ellsworth meets up with Robyn Ommen of Sherwin Williams and Megan Pope Miller of NFBA about the National Frame Building Association (NFBA) on this MetalCast. NFBA, a premier partner with MetalCoffeeShop, is a non-profit trade association that promotes the post-frame construction industry. Robyn, Megan and Heidi will ...

MetalCast - John Sheridan

John Sheridan - The Rise of Metal Roofing Training

S1:E2 Heidi J. Ellsworth sits down with John Sheridan of Sheridan consulting about the increasing need for metal roofing training. With metal roofing continuing to trend in demand both residentially and commercially, there is simply not enough skilled labor to meet the demand. John and Heidi have been working ...

Sherwin-Williams - MetalCast with Mark Macdonald

Mark MacDonald - What Can MetalVue do for You?

S1:E1 In the first ever MetalCast from MetalCoffeeShop, Heidi J. Ellsworth meets up with Mark MacDonald from Sherwin-Williams about their innovative new program for metal roofing that is bringing more contractors into the metal market and helping them to Make More with Metal! Learn about how to get involved in ...

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By Dani Sheehan. Consider supporting this roofing foundation and celebrate ...
By Kyle A. Nurminen, Total Roofing Systems. Commercial real estate investments' ...
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