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Advancing the Roofing Industry Through Philanthropy and Education

Roofing Alliance Industry Training
September 24, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.

By Adam Cabrera. 

The Roofing Alliance's educational initiatives, including student competitions and scholarships, are aimed at nurturing the next generation of roofing professionals. 

In a recent episode of Roofing Road Trips, host Heidi J. Ellsworth sat down with Alison LaValley, executive director of the Roofing Alliance, and Greg Bloom, the organization's new president, to talk about philanthropy's crucial role in advancing the roofing industry. 

Greg, a seasoned professional with 41 years in the industry, discussed the Alliance's four pillars: philanthropy, education, sustainability and research. "We've put forth over $6 million on 54 research projects. But it's not just research. It’s research, education and tech projects that truly have helped shape the industry and our future," Greg said.  

The philanthropic efforts of the Roofing Alliance are a particular highlight of the organization. One such initiative is the partnership with the Ronald McDonald House where Roofing Alliance members agree to inspect, maintain, repair and replace the roofs on the 165 standalone houses for the Ronald McDonald House® programs throughout the U.S. 

Moreover, the Alliance is investing in the future through educational programs. "We're really trying to educate the students, provide the curriculum and then provide it to the faculty and educate them how to teach roofing," said Alison. With 35 years of experience in the industry, Alison emphasized the importance of nurturing the next generation of professionals through scholarship awards and educational retreats. 

One key initiative Alison pointed out is the Melvin Kruger Scholarship Foundation, which provides scholarships to deserving students aiming for careers in roofing. "It's really a win-win when you look at... a triangle of education there. We've made some remarkable strides," she noted. 

Both Alison and Greg highlighted the organization's ongoing commitment to philanthropy, stressing its importance in shaping the industry's future. These investments, from charitable partnerships to scholarships, not only serve to improve lives but also to elevate the roofing industry to new heights. 

Listen to the full Roofing Road Trips episode or read the transcript to learn more about that Roofing Alliance is doing to improve the roofing industry.

Learn more about Roofing Alliance in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit www.roofingalliance.net.

About Adam

Adam Cabrera is a writer and podcast producer for the Coffee Shops and AskARoofer™. When he isn't writing about roofs he enjoys camping in the Rocky Mountains, going to concerts and playing music.

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