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The Metal Building Style That’s Sweeping the South

Sherwin Williams Barndominium
November 17, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Evelyn Witterholt. 

Barndos and the Barndominium Life™ are rising in popularity, particularly for the use of beautiful metal roofs and walls. 

There's a new metal building style that is quickly gaining popularity in the south, and it's no wonder why! Barndos, or barndominiums, are metal buildings that offer a more stylish, homey interior look. Barndominiums combine the best of both worlds — the convenience and durability of a metal building with all the amenities of a traditional home. Plus, they're incredibly stylish and can be adapted to any climate.  

One of the main draws of barndominiums is their cost effectiveness. Metal buildings are often cheaper to construct and require less maintenance than traditional wooden homes. Plus, metal roofs can last for decades, saving homeowners money in the long run.  

But barndominiums aren't just practical — they can also be incredibly beautiful. Take the work of Our Barndominium Life™, the luxury barndo designer company from Stacee Lynn, otherwise known as The Barndominium Lady™. Their company offers a variety of barndo floor plans ranging from small one-bedroom homes, to larger scale projects. Stacey’s open-concept designs offer practicality and beauty, all staying within the homeowner’s budget. Their company motto is “You’ll never look at a metal building the same way again!™” 

Metal architecture allows for unique design options and a modern aesthetic. And with the ability to add on porches, decks and other features, barndominiums can truly feel like a cozy home. The versatility of barndominiums makes them suitable for any climate or location. Whether you're looking for a vacation getaway or a permanent residence, these metal buildings can be adapted to fit your needs.  

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Photo credit: Barndominium 

About Evelyn  

Evelyn works as a writer for RoofersCoffeeShop, MetalCoffeeShop and AskARoofer. When she isn’t writing about roofing, she’s either at the gym lifting weights or curled up on the couch watching a movie.

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