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Metalforming Metal Training

Unlock Your Equipment’s Full Potential With the Right Training Programs

By Cayden Wemple. MetalForming is offering training services for those who want to improve their skills operating MetalForming equipment. Your machine is only as effective as the person operating it and that’s why having the right training for operating the machinery is extremely important. A properly trained employee can ...

Drexel Metals Rust and Leaks

Rust and Leaks – Myth or Fact?

By Drexel Metals. Metal roofing is known to be a great choice for longevity and versatility, so what are the facts when it comes to rust and metal roofing? Among contractors and the roofing industry, it is well known that metal roofing is a great option when it ...

IRE Metal-Era and Hickman 4.10.23

Catching Up at IRE After 20 Years

By Yvette Cruz. Metal-Era & Hickman have news to share about the latest trends and changes as they make an appearance at IRE. The International Roofing Expo (IRE) was a hit this year! Coming together, Karen Edwards of RoofersCoffeeShop® sits down with Brad Van Dam and Eric Duncan of Metal-Era ...

Grosso Selling Metal Roofing Profitability Watch

Perfect Your Sales Training With Grosso University

By Anna Lockhart. Grosso University’s CEO shares his best tips and strategies for mastering sales training and organization for metal roofing companies looking to excel in their area. In a recent episode of MetalTalk, Karen L. Edwards sat down with the CEO of Grosso University, Dominic Caminata, to ...

Metal Depot Condensation

How to Prevent Condensation on Metal Buildings

By Anna Lockhart. Condensation is a major player in damaging metal buildings. Here’s how to prevent it. There are many benefits to building structures using metal such as weather resistance and sturdiness, but one of the major drawbacks of metal buildings is the damage that can be done by ...

MRA deep freeze damage

What Are Rooftop Ice Dams and How Can You Prevent Them?

By Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) Here’s why it’s never too early to start preventative maintenance on your roof before next winter. Editor’s note: The following information on residential roof maintenance can be shared with your customers. If this last winter showed us anything, it’s that homeowners in any part of ...

Grosso Metal Talk Selling Metal Roofing Profitably

Make Selling Metal Roofing a Profitable Venture

By Anna Lockhart. Learn how to make significant profits selling metal roofing by watching the upcoming MetalTalk. The MetalTalk Read Listen Watch (RLW) series is an incredible opportunity from MetalCoffeeShop™ for those in the metal industry to learn how they want, when they want, where they want about ...

Eagleview Metal Roofing Simplified Watch Now

Revolutionary Technology is Changing How Contractors Work

By Anna Lockhart. Roofing Passport is a new cutting-edge technology from EagleView that will change how contractors and manufacturers estimate and order roofing materials. In a recent episode of MetalTalk, Heidi J. Ellsworth sat down with Rob Soper from EagleView to talk about the exciting changes that are happening with ...

RPS Optimal Metal Roof

What is the Optimal Metal Roof Slope?

By RPS Metal Roofing. RPS Metal Roofing experts suggest metal roof slopes based on a variety of building factors. The use of metal roofing varies in a number of ways. A certain size or style of metal roofing can depend on what national culture or context it is being ...

Metal Sales Metal Roofs Pay Off

How Metal Roofs Pay Off

By Metal Sales. Despite the initial investment, metal roofs are set to nearly last you a lifetime! Is your customer thinking about replacing their roof? Metal roofs are in high demand for both roof replacement and new roofing projects. McGraw-Hill Construction and Analytics estimates that 750,000 homeowners are choosing ...

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