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Randy Chaffee - MCS Influencer

Owner and CEO of Source One Marketing, LLC

With more than four decades of experience in the post frame and metal roofing industry, Randy is an independent manufacturers' representative, specializing in sales for the post frame and metal frame building industry. He also represents steel roofing for the agricultural, commercial and residential markets.

Randy believes in building the personal brand. He was building the “Randy, Inc” brand well before he realized that was a thing. 

Randy is a relationship builder. He learned the value of building relationships at a very young age from his dad. As he became a salesman and then started his own rep agency the idea of bringing value first was a natural. 

As a lifelong old school road warrior he had still been contemplating a bit more of a virtual presence for sometime. The COVID-19 lockdown allowed him the ability to bring this more to the forefront of my modus operandi. March 17, 2020 was the date the transformation began for him. 

With some time he developed what he coined as the Randy 2.5 Hybrid Amazing. This is a coupling of the “old normal” hard driving road warrior mentality with “new normal” use of all things virtual. Each augments the other. 

Randy feels he brings a unique take on becoming a hybrid. He tries to practice daily the ongoing “mixing” the old and new, thus the “hybrid” approach.  

Host of #buildingwins weekly+ livestream sales and motivational based show. Randy is also a board member for the Buckeye Frame Builders Association and the National Frame Builders Association.

Learn more about Source One Marketing.