3 Reasons Why Esteemed Software Sparks Business Growth

CompanyCam 3 Reasons Software Sparks Growth
December 30, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.

By Micki Parks, CompanyCam.

Learn three reasons to integrate roofing software into your business AND which softwares to look into.

Getting onboard with technology is a no-brainer. When it comes to business scalability, integrating software and apps into work processes is a great place to start. If you’re a roofer — and particularly if you’re in the solar roofing industry — you’re likely well versed on what solar software and solar apps should provide your business.

But for those who have yet to do their research, consider this your cheat sheet.

Follow along for three reasons to integrate roofing software into your business AND which softwares to look into.

Reason 1: Business scalability

As mentioned above, scaling your roofing business becomes more difficult the less adaptable it becomes. Times are changing and companies onboarding technology and software are outgrowing those that don’t.

You can grow your roofing business quicker and sell more roofs when company foundations are secure. Put business resources where it matters — it’ll pay off.

Reason 2: Record keeping and accountability

Ever lose track of important job site details? Doubt the integrity of a crew member? Feel disorganized and out of the loop? Say no more.

One of the most important reasons for onboarding highly esteemed software and apps is to improve documentation, business-client relationships and level-up internal and external communications

Reason 3: Team efficiency

With technology embedded into your work process, your systems have the capacity to manage and balance more. When your crews aren’t responsible for remembering every-single-nitty-gritty detail and you’re not stressed about losing contact information and/or equipment updates, there is space to invest elsewhere.

Crews can focus on producing quality work. Admins can focus on remaining on pace and organized. Owners and exec members can focus on remaining scalable and engineering good direction for the company!

Now that you’re convinced you need apps, you should be ready for our CompanyCam recommendation.


Features: CompanyCam is used in most (if not all!) trades. It is the ultimate photo documentation software for roofers, prioritizing visual-first job site communication. Photos and videos taken within CompanyCam are time-stamped and geolocated, and all organized per project. All media within CompanyCam is securely stored and easily shareable.

Price: CompanyCam keeps pricing simple. It is $29 per user/month for access to all features and capabilities. All users get access to real-time photo feed and unlimited storage.

CompanyCam Website
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Learn more about CompanyCam in their directory or visit

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