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Implement These 4 Strategies to Generate More Leads

LMH Agency Generate More Leads
September 22, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By LMH Agency 

Learn how you can invest in the future of your business and draw in more customers.  

We hear agencies say all the time that they’re going to help you get more leads.  

But HOW is this actually done? How can you be sure your automations are set up properly, working well, and that you have a way to follow up with the traffic that’s coming in?  

Let’s walk through it step-by-step. Transparency, in our opinion, is super lacking in this industry – so we like to tell it like it is (so you can actually benefit and see changes for the better in your lead generation).  

If you really want to generate more leads for your business, it might be time to work with some proven strategies work to capture an audience.  

From search engine optimization (SEO), investing in paid Google Ads,  and growing your community, here are our tried-and-true, top-level strategies that work (every. single. time.) 

1 – SEO 

We know the goal of SEO is for your website or blog to rank high on a search engine results page (SERP). The higher your content ranks, the more people are likely to engage online and make purchases. So, you need to be sure to use SEO techniques like localization, keyword phrasing, and link-building can all contribute to a higher SERP ranking and substantially increase the number of users who follow the SERP hypertext to the webpage. A little keyword research can take you far! 

2 – Paid Google Ads 

Paid Google advertisements are another creative way to generate more roofing leads. If you use the internet, you’ve seen them. Google Ads are especially beneficial if you strategically choose keywords your clients are more likely to search, like shingle prices. For example, a roofing business in Tampa, Florida may benefit from purchasing a Google Ad with the title tag “Affordable Roofing Near Tampa.” This ad leads to a page on their website with service options, pricing tiers and contact information. 

3 – Social media 

Social media is an often-untapped resource for lead generation for the home services industry. Brands are increasingly using social media to reach a wide audience of potential customers. This is often achieved by promoting their goods and services with posts, sponsorships, giveaways or collaborations with other companies.  

As a roofer, you can certainly create social media pages for your business where you detail the services you provide and your prices, plus keep up consistent engagement with your clientele. By posting frequently on social media accounts, sharing your culture, and linking to your landing pages – you can continue to generate both customer leads and employees.  

4 – Website optimization 

Let’s be real: if you aren’t optimizing your website, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Taking the time to optimize your website can make a significant difference in your ability to generate worthwhile leads. While there are so many small and impactful changes you can make, some of our top tips include ensuring you've got those crucial keywords on every page, making sure your Google reviews are available for social proof, and a super simple way for people to contact you (so they can pay you).  

With these four techniques, you can maximize your digital footprint and considerably increase the number of legitimate leads you can generate. Whether that involves using SEO, paid advertisements, social media or website optimization methods, your roofing businesses can only benefit from dedicating time and effort to generating new leads online. We hope these tips helps!! You can always reach out to our team at lmh.agency/contact.  

Original article: https://lmh.agency/creative-ways-to-get-more-roofing-leads/

Learn more about LMH Agency in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit LMH.Agency.

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