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Metal Roofs Weather the Storm

MRA Weather the Storm
July 18, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Metal Roofing Alliance. 

Protecting homes from harsh storms and tornadoes always starts with the roof! 

Summer weather isn’t always as pleasant as it seems! Although the summertime brings sunny days, it also tends to bring intense storms and sometimes tornadoes too. And with storm season, comes the unfortunately high potential for damaged roofs. 

While these monster weather events seem vastly different, they have plenty of commonalities. Powerfully strong winds, flying airborne debris and intense, sudden downpours. In all cases, it’s the roof of a home that bears the brunt of extreme conditions and must be relied upon to prevent more costly and serious damage.  

That’s why HOAs would be wise to encourage homeowners in their area to re-roof with quality metal roofing and follow proper installation practices to help guard against monster weather events and climate instability.  

Just take it from homeowners David and Ruby from Cutoff, Louisiana. Their neighborhood was directly in the path of Hurricane Ida last year. For seven long hours, torrential rain and wind gusts exceeding a whopping 180 miles per hour destroyed homes for miles around. Yet their home made it through unscathed, thanks to their new metal roof which turned out to be the best insurance they could have. And, for HOA’s concerned about design and style, their roof also is gorgeous: it fits right in with the architectural style of their home and neighborhood. 

“In our neighborhood, homes with asphalt roofs suffered complete losses,” said David. “If we hadn’t installed our metal roof when we did, we probably would still be gutting the house all the way down to the frame.” 

Watch David and Ruby’s story here, and learn why — from hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, thunderstorms and wildfires — quality metal roofs make the most sense for today’s most beautiful and resilient neighborhoods. You can also see other amazing projects and testimonials at www.metalroofing.com.

Learn more about MRA in their MetalCoffeeShop™ Directory or visit www.metalroofing.com.

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