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Roof Hugger Webinars Deliver Metal-over-Metal Retrofit Roofing Information

Roof Hugger Webinars
April 29, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.

By Mark James, Roof Hugger.

All webinars are 30-minute programs with huge amounts of information.

Roof Hugger began these short webinars a little before the COVID-19 outbreak went nationwide.  We have been fortunate, due to working remotely, that we have been able to continue these uninterrupted. With two more to conduct next month, it is the ideal time for roofing contractors looking for continuing education on Metal-over-Metal Retrofit Roofing to watch while working remotely.

The great thing is that we can also arrange a webinar for any company that wishes to take advantage of their down time. We are offering personal webinars, live webinars and webinars on-demand.  However, you want to get the information, we are making it easy for you.

Metal-over-Metal retrofit roofing is what Roof Hugger does. We are the leader in retrofit sub-framing systems for installing new metal roofs over existing metal roofs without removing the existing roof.  We are talking about older metal roofs that have reached the end of their expected service life or have experienced a “quick death” due to neighboring facilities, faulty installation or a multitude of other reasons. We have the experience with the most recognized tested structural sub-framing systems available anywhere and with nearly 100-million square feet of our products installed on metal roofs Nationwide and abroad.

Join us for these webinars

RH5 – Retrofit Roof Design for Wind & Snow on May 7, 2020!

This webinar deals with the most important step in achieving a roof that will withstand its governing building code requirements. Do not worry, we take care of this step for you. 

RH6 – Retrofitting for Energy Upgrades on May 14, 2020

This webinar will enlighten all audiences to what energy-saving benefits can be had by adding some inexpensive options to the retrofit roofing project, making it quite possibly a new roof that can pay for itself.

These programs are designed to inform the metal roofing contractor and design professionals of the correct way to install a new metal roof over an existing metal roof using our Structural Sub-framing Systems.  Please Email Us to Register.

Learn more about Roof Hugger in their RCS directory.

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