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Guest Blog

DECRA Best Type of Roof for Snow

What are the Best Roofs for Enduring Snow?

By Trevor Underwood, DECRA Metal Roofing. The heavy snow that winter brings can cause major damage to your roof. Even though a snow-covered roof can make a home look like it’s part of a winter wonderland, the heavy snow that piles up can cause major issues to a roof. ...

Central States Employees get Nostalgic

Two Long-term Employees Get Nostalgic For Their 25 Years at This Company

By Dave Barr, Central States Manufacturing. The key to employee longevity is culture, and in the case of Central States Manufacturing, their ESOP program. Central States Manufacturing has grown quite a bit over the 23 years of Ken Hanft’s career and the 22-year career of Malcom Reed. They figure ...

Spectrum Reviews

Turn Reviews Into Year-Round Business

By Lisa Albano, Spectrum, Inc. How to leverage the off-season to generate reviews and help grow your business. Just because busy season has come to an end doesn’t mean that your business has to stop growing! The off-season is the perfect time to check in with your customers and ...

Roof Hugger Low Cost Metal Roof

Low-cost Methods for Strengthening Your Old Metal Roof

By Dale Nelson, Roof Hugger, LLC. If you’ve been searching for an affordable solution for your metal roof, look no further. Natural disasters are a common occurrence, and they seem more powerful than they’ve ever been. This means it’s more important than ever to have a sturdy, reliable roof to ...

McElroy Commercial Buildings

The Process of Specifying Metal for Commercial Buildings

By McElroy Metal. Have you ever wondered how architects specify metal roofing for commercial buildings? Here is how! Did you know that almost a third of all commercial buildings have metal roofs? Metal roofs have been a popular choice in commercial buildings for decades. The process of specifying a ...

Ruby Elevate Customer Experience

3 Ways Virtual Receptionists Make Your Customers' Lives Easier

By Matt Lurie, Ruby. Virtual receptionists don’t just save your business time and money, but also deliver experiences that make life better for the people you serve. Every business wants to provide exceptional customer service, but let’s face it: not many businesses have the time, energy, or team to make ...

DECRA Celebrates 65 Years

DECRA Celebrates 65 Years of Roof Production

By Trevor Underwood. It’s time we observed the tradition of quality that DECRA Metal Roofing has held for over half a decade. After 65 years, DECRA Metal Roofing is still producing one of the most durable and reliable roofs on the market. Over the next 65 years, DECRA will continue its ...

DECRA 10 Facts About Metal Roofs

10 Fun Facts About Metal Roofs

By DECRA. Learn why metal roofing is such a favorite among homeowners and contractors alike! Metal roofing is on the rise! After more than a century of dominating the industrial sector and benefiting barns, factories and warehouses, the material finally has the style, beauty and design versatility to shine on residential projects ...

DECRA Old College Buildings

3 Reasons to Give Metal the Old College Try

By Trevor Underwood, DECRA Metal Roofing. Metal is a smart choice for university roofing. Learn why metal has earned its spot on campus. A campus is more than just a set of buildings for classrooms, it’s a place where students live, eat and study, a place for research and ...

McElory Appeals of Metal

The Many Appeals of Metal

By McElroy Metal. Why you should partner with McElroy Metal when it comes to a metal roof. You don’t have to be a roofing expert to know that metal is a wise investment. Not only does a metal roof offer long-term durability and lifespan, but additionally a metal roof ...

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