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Safety Posts

Cotney Consulting employee recognition program

Adding an Employee Recognition Program For Safety

By John Kenney, Cotney Consulting Group. In this article, we will look at the structure of disciplinary policy and then discuss implementing a successful employee recognition program to improve project safety performance. Typically, the two things that come to mind about employee recognition are progressive discipline and incentives. The construction industry ...

Cotney world class safety program

A Common Goal to Building a World-class Safety Program

By John Kenney, Cotney Consulting Group. If you are roofing contractor attempting to build a world-class safety program, you must recognize the need to build a safety culture. You can substitute grow, develop, establish, create or another word to put in front of culture, but the important word is culture. It is ...

National Ladder Safety Month

National Ladder Safety Month: The Perfect Time to “Step Up” Employee Training

150+ workplace fatalities and 22,000 injuries can be prevented. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, ladder deaths accounted for 161 on-the-job fatalities in 2020, the most recent year for which statistics are available. That same year, there were 22,710 ladder-related workplace injuries, an injury stat that has remained relatively ...

Cotney Consulting World Class Safety part three

World Class in Safety – Part Three

Learn about all of the key components of a great safety management system, including how to document activities and perform a gap analysis. In Part Three, we will continue discussing implementing a safety management system (SMS). Please refer to Parts One and two if you are new to this series. ...

Cotney world class safety part two

World Class in Safety – Part Two

By John Kenney, Cotney Consulting Group. Here are the key elements every great safety management system should have. In Part One of this series, we looked at the definition and goals of a world-class safety organization in our industry. In Part Two, we will learn about the elements and implementation of a ...

Cotney safety incident management system

Safety Incident Management System

By John Kenney, Cotney Consulting Group. What is an incident management system (IMS), and what value will it bring to your company's health and safety program? Our goal in this article is to answer that question. First, let's look at how an IMS system will assist your company in facilitating the ...

Cotney world class safety

World Class in Safety – Part One

By John Kenney, Cotney Consulting Group. Learn more about what it means to achieve world-class levels of performance in safety. Many companies claim they have achieved world-class levels of performance in safety. What do they mean by world-class in safety? Let's look into what they mean by this claim of having achieved ...

NRCA Hard Hats

How to Pass an OSHA Inspection

By Alec Doniger. Trent Cotney shares his knowledge and expertise in avoiding legal trouble related to risk and liability on the job site. Safety should be your top priority when overseeing employees on any job site. If an accident happens, however, knowing your rights and thinking ahead can help reduce ...

Cotney Toolbox talk tips

Best Practices for Toolbox Talks

By John Kenney, Cotney Consulting Group. Benefits and guidelines of holding regular toolbox talks at your construction worksite. Each week your supervisors or safety managers should deliver safety messages to your crews before starting work. Toolbox talks are an excellent method to present your safety messages. Some companies refer to these as ...

Cotney safety skills part two

Skills for Safety – Part Two

By John Kenney, Cotney Consulting Group. Two safety skills you need to stay on top of your company's safety culture and goals. In part one, we covered the first two skills that your safety managers, project managers and on-site supervising personnel need to develop and implement safety strategies successfully. In part two, ...

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