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ABC Metals Tip Sheet Download

Download this Valuable Tip Sheet to Strengthen Sales and Customer Relationships!

By Anna Lockhart. American Building Components offers customers a free downloadable tip sheet that contractors can use to learn how to better reach their sales and relationship goals! American Building Components (ABC) is a leading national manufacturer of metal building components designed to meet a variety of needs. For ...

ABC Exterior Design Choices

Exterior Design Choices to Complement Metal Roofing

By Anna Lockhart. Metal roofing can change the look of a building and elevate its design to a more modern style. Learn about the most popular design choices. Metal roofing has quickly grown as a popular choice for residential builds and reroofing projects across the country. With a growth ...

ABC Spring Acres Farm

Beautiful Farm Designed Using American Building Components

By Anna Lockhart. The Spring Acres Farm is a beautiful space that serves as an equestrian center in Colorado. On an expansive piece of land in Parker, Colorado stands a visually stunning 24,000+ sq.ft. building complete with metal slate roofs. Spring Acres Farm was founded as an equestrian ...

ABC Durability to Color Designs

From Durability to Color Designs, ABC Has You Covered

By Yvette Cruz. A storage space that has all the benefits as well aesthetics to match surrounding farmland. The Nelson Family is a sixth-generation family of farmers. Settling near Fort Dodge, Iowa in 1886, the initial farmstead still stands to this day. Over a century old, the farm continues ...

ABC Metals Robertson Barndominium

Couple Builds Energy-efficient "Barndominium"

By Cayden Wemple. A North Carolina couple saved big money on their electric bill with a little help from ABC Metals. David and Janet Robertson had a dream of building a unique and energy-efficient home on their 80-acre hobby farm in North Carolina. After extensive research, they opted for ...

ABC Two Brothers

Two Brothers Convert Outdated Car Dealership Into Thriving Commercial Spaces

By Cayden Wemple. With a little creativity and some metal roofing panels, brothers Mike and Dan O’Reilly completed an innovate renovation to an abandoned space. When brother Mike and Dan O’Reilly were searching for a new office space, they were surprised to find that a vacant factory building checked ...

ABC Top Benefits Webinar

Top Benefits of Selling Metal Roofing and Wall Panels

By Evelyn Witterholt. In this webinar from American Building Components, you’ll learn the wide range of reasons why you should be selling metal roof and wall panels. The metal construction industry is on the rise and is seeing continuous growth. But if you still aren’t convinced why your business should ...

ABC Metal Supplier Donates Walls

Metal Supplier Donates Walls and Roofs to Horse Therapy Center

By American Building Components. ABC Metal Roofing recently gave back to Cassidy’s Cause, a horse-riding academy therapy center. When Kentucky-based Cassidy’s Cause, a therapeutic horse-riding academy, was in need of a hay barn, American Building Components (ABC) decided to lend a helping hand. The metal supplier donated materials for the ...

ABC Residential Metal Redesign

Aschenburg Residential Porch Gets Metal Redesign

By ABC (American Building Components). This Clive, Iowa residential porch is restored with American Building Components' SL-16® exterior concealed-fastener metal panel. Metal is becoming a popular choice for modern renovations, and for good reason. It’s sustainable, durable and stylish. That’s why Archadeck of Central Iowa selected this metal panel for ...

ABC Strengthen Customer Relationships

How to Use Metal To Strengthen Your Customer Relationships

By Cass Jacoby The demand for metal buildings is at an all-time high — here is how to leverage its popularity to foster better partnerships and increase sales. Unless you live under a rock, you know that the metal roofing business is booming at the moment. But what is ...

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