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John Sheridan - MCS Influencer

Owner of Sheridan Metal Resources LLC

John Sheridan, owner of Sheridan Metal Resources LLC, runs his company with the dream to develop a full service website to support sheet metal craftsmen using a culmination of 40+ years of field experience and knowledge.

Sheridan has been hired and trained to manage many projects, such as a recent project of his, the "Red House" Parliament Building in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. He has experience training groups of all sizes, ranging from three students all the way to just under 30.

He offers an introductory one-day wall class, a two-day roof class, and a three day advanced class.There is also an option of a "tuneup" class. While he doesn't offer any virtual training programs, he is in the process of developing a few information modules for installers, architects, and project managers.




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