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John Sheridan - MCS Influencer

Owner of Sheridan Metal Resources LLC

John Sheridan, owner of Sheridan Metal Resources LLC, runs his company with the dream to develop a full service website to support sheet metal craftsmen using a culmination of 40+ years of field experience and knowledge.

Sheridan has been hired and trained to manage many projects, such as a recent project of his, the "Red House" Parliament Building in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. He has experience training groups of all sizes, ranging from three students all the way to just under 30.

He offers an introductory one-day wall class, a two-day roof class, and a three day advanced class.There is also an option of a "tuneup" class. While he doesn't offer any virtual training programs, he is in the process of developing a few information modules for installers, architects, and project managers.




Latest Podcasts

John Sheridan - MetalCast - METALCON Training Zone

John Sheridan – Check out the Training Zone at METALCON 2023

S1:E26 Heidi J. Ellsworth road trips east to visit with John Sheridan of Sheridan Metal Resources about the new Training Zone at METALCON 2023. It will feature demonstrations and education using a variety of mock-ups and materials including painted steel, aluminum and zinc. Training will focus on proper detailing ...
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Sheridan Metal Resources - Nicole Pinto MetalCast

Nicole Pinto & John Sheridan - The Growth of Metal Roofing

S1:E8 On this MetalCast, Heidi J. Ellsworth meets Nicole Pinto, who mentored and trained with John Sheridan. They talk about the appeal of metal roofing and construction. Nicole trained with John Sheridan in the summer of 2022 and learned how to install a metal roof, which she did when she reroofed ...
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MetalCast - John Sheridan

John Sheridan - The Rise of Metal Roofing Training

S1:E2 Heidi J. Ellsworth sits down with John Sheridan of Sheridan consulting about the increasing need for metal roofing training. With metal roofing continuing to trend in demand both residentially and commercially, there is simply not enough skilled labor to meet the demand. John and Heidi have been working ...
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Latest Webinars

Sheridan Tools logo

Let's Chat MetalVue with Eagle View and Sheridan Metal Resources

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Coffee Conversations LIVE from METALCON - Sponsored by New Tech Machinery

You won't want to miss this special Coffee Conversations, sponsored by New Tech Machinery, coming to you LIVE from METALCON! Join us on day one of the show as we meet with industry leaders and experts from the metal industry. Guests include manufacturers and service providers who will ...
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Metal Roofing Training - Solutions for the Labor Shortage

In the first episode of the new MetalCoffeeShop™ MetalTalk, Heidi J. Ellsworth, John Sheridan and Mark MacDonald talk about the overall labor shortage and primarily the need for skilled metal roofing installers. In this live webinar, attendees will hear what is happening to train skilled metal roofing installers along ...
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