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Metal Sales Right Standing Seam

Choosing the Right Standing Seam Metal Roof

By Metal Sales. Selecting the best standing seam roof for a home requires careful consideration as there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. If you’re wanting to boost your home’s appearance and make it stand out in the neighborhood, a metal roof might be the right choice for you. There are many ...

ire 2023 - metal sales - mcs - interview - transcript

LIVE From IRE 2023 With Metal Sales!

Join Karen and Patrick as they discuss all things IRE and Metal Sales! Editor's note: The following is the transcript of an live interview with Patrick from Metal Sales. You can read the interview below or watch the YouTube video. Karen Edwards: Hello. I told you we'd be back. I'm Karen ...

Metal Sales Metal Roofs Pay Off

How Metal Roofs Pay Off

By Metal Sales. Despite the initial investment, metal roofs are set to nearly last you a lifetime! Is your customer thinking about replacing their roof? Metal roofs are in high demand for both roof replacement and new roofing projects. McGraw-Hill Construction and Analytics estimates that 750,000 homeowners are choosing ...

Metal Sales Coastal Roof

Debunked: Metal Roofs Can be Used in Coastal Communities

By Metal Sales. It is a common misconception that metal roofs will erode and rust on the coast. Metal roofs will actually perform effectively in most coastal areas. Editor’s note: Share this guide to metal roofing on the coast with your customers. Demand for metal is through the roof! But ...

Metal Sales Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Discover the Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

By Metal Sales. Standing seam metal roofs are green, durable and efficient. Check out the benefits of these roofs courtesy of Metal Sales. Metal roofing is starting to win the popularity contest in the roofing world. As popular as they are, sometimes they are seen as a one-trick pony — ...

Metal Sales Kyle Stumpenhorst

NFBA Conference to Host Demo With Post-framing Sensation Kyle Stumpenhorst

By Cayden Wemple. The owner and spokesperson for world-renowned construction company, RR Buildings, will be sharing his knowledge and insight about the post-framing world. The NFBA Conference hit it big this year with superstar post-framing expert, Kyle Stumpenhorst, set to make an appearance and perform a demo. Kyle’s demo will ...

Metal Construction Association Logo 600x300

MCA Announces Executive Committee and New Board Members

The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has announced the 2023 executive committee and board of directors. Brian Partyka of Drexel Metals will serve as chair of the executive committee, along with vice Chair/Chair-Elect Chandler Barden of Cidan Machinery, Past Chair James Bush of ATAS International, Metal Roofing Alliance President Dick Bus of ...

Metal Sales Insulated Metals

The Benefits of Insulated Metal Panels

By Metal Sales. Insulated metal panels are more than just a barn aesthetic, they are a sustainable and viable option for any construction project you have coming up. Editor’s Note: Share this with your customers so they can know and understand the benefits of insulated metal panels. Both contractors and ...

MCS is going to the NFBA Expo

MetalCoffeeShop™ is Going to the NFBA Expo!

By Evelyn Witterholt. Stop by our booth #650 at the National Frame Building Association this February 22-24 in Louisville, Kentucky! The National Frame Building Association’s (NFBA) annual Frame Building Expo is the ultimate event of the year for all post-frame industry members. There you can visit with industry leaders and ...

Metal Sales Standing Seam

How to Get the Full 50+ Years Out of a Metal Roof

By Metal Sales. Low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance; here is how to keep a standing seam metal roof in top shape. As standing seam metal roofs grow in popularity across both residential and commercial buildings, making the maintenance and care of this kind of roof common knowledge ...

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