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5 Ways to Protect and Reinforce Windows This Hurricane Season

RPS Window Being Repaired
September 25, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.

By RPS Metal Roofing and Siding, Inc. 

Whether you’re in an area susceptible to hurricanes or just experiencing heavy storms, windows are incredibly important to ensure they have added protection. 

When it comes to hurricane season, it is more than just a home’s roof that needs protection. Windows are particularly vulnerable to damage from high winds, and if not properly reinforced can crack or tear apart, bringing the weather indoors. Using storm guard products and adding protective film layers can help strengthen them against the elements.  

1 - Double entry doors 

Double entry doors can help protect windows against high winds. Unlike traditional single entry doors, these double entry doors feature two layers of protection to provide greater durability in harsh weather conditions. The first layer is typically made out of durable materials like metal or fiberglass to absorb wind force while keeping wind driven debris at bay from entering a home’s interior; and secondly an outer panel made of impact resistant glass or polycarbonate that adds additional strength against wind driven debris. 

Double entry doors offer superior insulation, helping prevent the loss of heated and cooled air through their door into the outside environment. This can reduce energy costs as well as sound levels between inside and outside – an invaluable benefit if living near busy freeways or airports. Furthermore, double entry doors usually come equipped with more secure locking mechanisms than their single counterparts for added peace of mind when keeping out unwanted visitors. 

Double entry doors not only offer increased protection from strong winds, but they can also add aesthetic value to the exterior of a home. They come in an assortment of styles – from classic wood designs to more contemporary glass options – that will enhance both its appearance and security simultaneously. 

2 - Storm shutters 

Storm shutters are an effective way of fortifying windows against strong winds, providing a layer of protection between the window and its outside environment while blocking wind driven debris and protecting window glass from damage. Storm shutters come in various styles such as accordion or roll down models which can be opened and closed easily when necessary, often made out of durable materials like aluminum that can withstand strong winds without breaking or buckling under pressure. 

Accordion storm shutters also offer energy efficiency benefits when placed over windows. Their insulation material acts like an extra insulation barrier to stop heated and cooled air from escaping out through the window while keeping outside temperatures from entering a home – helping save homeowners money on energy costs by lowering heating and cooling bills. Furthermore, storm shutters help lower noise levels inside by creating an effective soundproof barrier against external noise entering through the windows. 

Installing storm shutters requires extra care when installing them to withstand strong winds without being dislodged or damaged by them. For optimal results, heavy-duty screws should penetrate deeply into each window frame around each window opening to firmly attach each panel, as well as making sure all joints between panels are tightly sealed with sealant or caulk in order to create an airtight barrier against wind and rain infiltration. 

3 - Hurricane grade glass 

Hurricane grade glass is a type of window and door construction designed to protect against high winds and debris. Constructed using impact-resistant materials like polycarbonate or laminated glass, which absorb the energy generated by strong winds without shattering, hurricane grade glasses also often come equipped with layers of adhesive film for extra protection during hurricanes. 

Hurricane grade glass offers more protection than standard windows while simultaneously helping reduce energy costs by offering better insulation. The thicker layers of material in these windows help prevent heated or cooled air from escaping through them into the outside environment, thus helping lower heating and cooling bills as well as noise levels inside a home by creating an effective sound barrier to block external noise from passing through them. 

4 - Boarding up windows 

Boarding up windows is an effective method for protecting homes against the high winds and debris associated with hurricanes, such as plywood sheets or other materials affixed over window openings to provide extra protection from debris blowing in from outside. This form of defense can prove invaluable during times of severe weather such as hurricanes where strong winds can do extensive damage to property. 

When boarding up windows, it is essential that the material used is of high enough quality to withstand strong winds without buckling or breaking under pressure. Plywood sheets are widely used because of their durability, which enables it to withstand large forces without cracking or bending under stress. Other materials, such as metal shutters may also be appropriate depending on window sizes and shapes; as long as it resists wind driven debris well enough, these should also be treated with waterproof sealants or coatings in order to provide extra protection during storms. 

Assuring all boarding materials are securely attached is equally essential to remaining intact during a storm. To do this, long screws must be driven through plywood into each window opening’s frame, leaving no gaps between boards. Joints between panels should also be sealed using caulk or sealant to create an airtight barrier against wind and rain infiltration. 

5 - Hurricane straps 

Hurricane straps are an integral component of home hurricane-proofing. Used to join roofs and walls together, hurricane straps create an incredibly strong bond that strengthens structures against strong winds and debris – helping shield from the devastation caused by intense storms like hurricanes. When installed properly, hurricane straps can offer significant protection from their effects. 

Hurricane straps come in various shapes and sizes to suit varying roofing materials and structures. A popular style is the L-strap, featuring two downward-facing flanges that wrap around either side of trusses or rafters to form an indestructible seal between roof frames and wall frames. Galvanized steel provides strength against high winds and debris. 

Investment in hurricane proofing materials such as impact resistant windows, boarded up windows and hurricane straps is an integral component of preparing for potential severe weather in order to stay safe at home. By taking these preventive steps, homeowners can ensure their homes are shielded from hurricane winds and debris while also improving insulation and minimizing building damage costs – an invaluable benefit that should not be neglected in areas susceptible to such storms. It is highly advised that all homeowners living in areas susceptible to extreme weather should invest in such measures as soon as possible! 

Original article source: RPS Metal Roofing and Siding, Inc.

Learn more about RPS Metal Roofing & Siding in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit www.rpsmetalroofing.com.

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