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How DuPont ™ Tedlar ® Film is Making Metal Roofs Stand the Test of Time

DuPont Tedlar Aerial Construction Picture
September 9, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.

By Adam Cabrera. 

Risks of corrosion led Total Roofing Systems to Tedlar®, a robust PVF alternative to traditional paint. 

In a recent episode of the Roofing Road Trips podcast Kyle Merman of Total Roofing Systems and Corynn Sheridan of DuPont Tedlar® informed us about new technologies in world of metal roofing with a spotlight on Metal Alliance’s DuPont™ Tedlar® Film.  

Kyle’s Florida-based company has spent 25 years weathering the challenges of metal roofing in a coastal environment. The extreme corrosion risks and environmental factors led them to Tedlar®, a polyvinyl fluoride film (PVF) that acts as a hardy alternative to traditional roof paint. 

Corynn explains, "[Tedlar®] is a fluoropolymer, which is similar to PVDF or the Kynar paints...but the chemistry is a little different. So it has better chemical resistance and better flexibility." This makes Tedlar® particularly well suited for coastal areas where exposure to harsh elements can rapidly degrade traditional roofing materials. 

Other benefits also include its inertness and resistance to color loss. According to Sheridan, "Things don't stick to it, things don't grow on it. It's very, very inert." This makes it very easy to clean and, coupled with Tedlar®'s durability and color stability, makes it an attractive option for homeowners seeking a low-maintenance and long-lasting roofing solution. 

Their conversation highlighted a project in a coastal community in southeast Florida where Total Roofing Systems leveraged the power of Tedlar®. Kyle shared, "Kynar for years was the go-to. But... the UV down here is unlike anywhere else in the country. The UV just starts chalking at the paint eventually, making it more porous and then you have to clean it which means you're taking the coating with it as you're cleaning it. So, the Tedlar® was all in one option for us." 

If you’d like learn more about how Tedlar® coating makes metal roofing more reliable listen to the full Roofing Roadtrips podcast to hear all about it!

Learn more about DuPont™ Tedlar® in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit www.tedlar.com.

About Adam

Adam Cabrera is a writer and podcast producer for the Coffee Shops and AskARoofer™. When he isn't writing about roofs he enjoys camping in the Rocky Mountains, going to concerts and playing music.

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