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MetalCoffeeShop™ Welcomes Indiana Metal!

MCS Welcomes Indiana Metal
March 27, 2023 at 1:00 p.m.

Indiana Metal manufactures metal roofing and post frame kits for contractors and homeowners alike.  

MetalCoffeeShop™, the industry-leading place to get information on all things metal construction, is pleased to welcome Indiana Metal into our community for metal contractors. 

Located in the heart of Indiana, Indiana Metal specializes in metal roofing materials and other roofing products. Indiana Metal values building lasting relationships with their customers and strives to create quality products that fit a wide variety of client needs.  

Indiana Metal works with contractors and homeowners to give them the best quality metal roofing materials available. From metal roofing and siding to substructural components, their company has worked hard to provide materials fit for any project.  

The company offers cutting-edge fabrication technology that cuts down on lead times, which they use in creating customized metal roofing trim and flashing for their clients. Indiana Metal’s customization also extends to their other material lines, such as their metal roof snow guards, which prevent gutter damage and injury during the winter months.  

Indiana Metal also creates unique pole barn kits for customers who are looking to replace their old, rusty barns. A pole barn kit includes all of the pre-packaged materials one needs to put together this building project. At their fabrication shop in Bainbridge, Indiana, Indiana Metal can put together the perfect pole barn kit that fits the client’s needs.  

Other products offered by Indiana Metal include:  

  • Coils and flat stock 

  • Metal roofing panels 

  • Roll former rentals 

  • Metal siding 

  • Sales and installation training 

Indiana Metal is a great source for metal roofing materials and trim. With a wide range of materials and sales and installation training opportunities, they offer a great deal of valuable resources to the roofing industry.  

MetalCoffeeShop® is proud to welcome Indiana Metal!

About Indiana Metal

Indiana Metal is dedicated to serving contractors and homeowners across North America by manufacturing quality metal roofing and post frame building kits. From the heart of Indiana, their products are designed to meet a variety of customer needs. Their one-stop shop offers a variety of solutions that will best serve the project at hand.  

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