By Adam Cabrera. As the metal roofing industry evolves, companies ...
By Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA). Safety never goes out of ...
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No More Guesswork: Use Construction Estimating Software Instead

Renoworks Calculating Estimating Software
September 29, 2023 at 3:00 a.m.

By Miguel Jacinto, Renoworks. 

Save valuable time with construction estimating software and leave behind the days of manual calculations. 

In the world of construction, many contractors opt to manually estimate the costs of a project, leaning on their experience rather than software. This method doesn't cost anything and seems trustworthy. 

However, this might cause you to dedicate hours or even days to researching market prices to form an estimate, only to end up with an inaccurate figure for the project costs. 

This misjudgment can lead to uncomfortable situations where contractors are either forced to ask the client for additional funds or dip into their pockets to finish the project. 

Alternatively, they may overestimate the project's expenses to ensure enough funds for completion. Yet, this can backfire, leading to their bid being dismissed as too high, and losing the job altogether. An easy solution to avoiding all of these pitfalls is simply using an estimating software. 

First, what is construction estimating software? 

Construction estimating software, also known as contractors estimating software, is a technology for creating detailed and accurate construction estimates faster. 

However, it’s more than just a tool that digitizes paper estimates. It enables construction companies, including roofers and remodeling contractors, to avoid inaccurate estimation problems that often arise with manual estimations. 

Furthermore, it helps save time, reduce costs and improve client-contractor relationships. Continue reading to learn the top benefits of construction estimating software. 

Top five benefits of construction estimating software  

Construction estimating software offers several benefits. Here are the top benefits that make using contractors estimating software a no-brainer. 

1 - Provide accurate construction estimates  

Construction estimating software enables you to create accurate estimates. No underestimation of materials or their current market prices. And no calculation errors when adding up costs. 

The software pulls the current market price of materials in real time from trusted sources. And it automatically calculates the total costs of all the materials needed. 

For a roofing project, for instance, the software would calculate the number of shingles needed to cover the size of the building. Then, it would multiply the number by the current unit market price. 

It would do these for all the items needed to complete the project, as well as add other costs such as labor and permits costs. 

Hence, with contractors estimating software, you can avoid giving clients estimates that are way off the mark and cause problems later. 

2 - Save time spent on estimating  

Using contractors estimating software eliminates the time it takes to research current prices and create estimates in spreadsheets or word files. 

Imagine you want to bid on a project, or a client needs an estimate quickly. 

Creating estimates, the traditional way with spreadsheets will take days. Best case, it would take hours if you’re an expert estimator with all the right connections. 

On the other hand, you can create an estimate with construction estimating software in minutes. All you need to do is list the project size and items needed, and the software will create an accurate estimate. 

Providing the estimation fast means the client can review and approve it quickly. And consequently, you’ll get started and complete the project faster. 

3 - Upsell items to clients  

Construction estimating software provides a real-time buying experience that allows you to upsell your clients. When creating the project estimate, you can add optional items that clients may select to upgrade their project. 

For instance, instead of just repainting the wooden door in an exterior remodeling project, you may offer the option of upgrading the door to a more energy-efficient fiberglass door. 

Your client will see this option and its cost in the estimate. And, if they decide to add the upgrade, they’ll see the updated project estimate in real-time. 

4 - Manage projects better  

Contractors estimating software do more than create project estimates. They also have built-in automation and CRM tools that will help you manage your projects better. 

All project details are stored in the software. So, you can organize and track information easily. You won’t have to shuffle through printouts or scan confusing spreadsheets to provide your clients with the necessary information. 

There is also minimal miscommunication, as clients will see exactly what they are paying for and trust the quotes they receive.  

5 - Be more professional  

Construction estimating software enables you to present your estimate professionally. Most have several prebuilt templates that you can customize with your company branding, such as your logo. 

This makes your estimate look more impressive than a lonely Word or Spreadsheet document – or worse, notebook sheets, which can easily get lost and cause your client to miss important details. 

How construction estimating software work  

There are different estimating software with various features. But here is a basic summary of how a typical construction estimating software works. 

You enter your project details, including size, materials, labor and other necessary things. Then, the software uses its unique tech or algorithm and the latest market pricing to generate an accurate estimate fast. 

The fastest construction estimating software, CostCertified creates accurate estimates in less than 7 minutes. And it transforms the branded estimate into a virtual showroom for clients to select extra items they want and see pricing changes instantly. 

Construction estimating software + Renoworks Pro Visualizer  

Whether you are a roofer or an exterior remodeling contractor, you can use construction estimating software to create an accurate estimate fast.  

And after your client approves the estimate, you can use Renoworks Pro Visualizer to create photo-realistic details of the project so they can see how it would look on completion. 

If you want to create accurate estimates, impress clients and win more jobs, combine a construction estimating software, like CostCertified, with Renoworks Pro Visualizer. Your competitors won’t stand a chance. 

Original article source: Renoworks

Learn more about Renoworks in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit www.renoworks.com.

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