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Metal Depots 20 Years in Waller Texas

Celebrating 20 Years of Metal Depots in Waller, Texas!

By Anna Lockhart. Metal Depots hosted a community barbeque in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their location in Waller, Texas! In 2003, Metal Depots opened their doors to the small community of Waller, Texas. A town with a population of just under 3,000, the town is a tightknit ...

Metal Depots Stone Veneer 4.11

Transform Your Metal Building With Stone Veneer

By Cayden Wemple. Stone veneer is a great way to boost the aesthetic of any metal building. Check out this guide to picking the perfect stone veneer with information provided by Metal Depots. Metal buildings are known for their strong steel framing which can support various exterior styles. They ...

Metal Depot Choose Steal 4.19

Building With Steel is The Way to Go

By Anna Lockhart. When planning your next big project, consider choosing steel over other traditional options. When comparing various construction materials, there are many advantages to choosing steel for your next project. Need convincing? Here are some reasons to consider steel as a trustworthy option. Sturdy When ...

Metal Depots Aesthetic Interior

Aesthetic Interior Choices for Metal Buildings

By Anna Lockhart. When constructing a custom metal building, the interior choices are endless. Companies like Metal Depots create custom metal building kits, a unique package that gives homeowners and business owners the ability to control the design of the structure from start to finish. With the interior left ...

Metal Depot Condensation

How to Prevent Condensation on Metal Buildings

By Anna Lockhart. Condensation is a major player in damaging metal buildings. Here’s how to prevent it. There are many benefits to building structures using metal such as weather resistance and sturdiness, but one of the major drawbacks of metal buildings is the damage that can be done by ...

Metal Depots Texas Roof

Metal Roofing Provides the Protection Your Home Needs in Harsh Climates

By Cayden Wemple. Check out this sleek and effective metal roofing that will keep your house looking great and protected at the same time. Texas weather is a force to be reckoned with, as hurricanes, tornadoes, and hailstorms frequently wreak havoc on residential properties. The sound of pounding rain on ...

Metal Depots Blackwell

A Forever Roof for This Forever Home

By Metal Depots. By choosing Metal Depots panels for the shop at the back of his property, this homeowner has created a dream space for his new forever home. People who build homes typically move from place to place, but eventually they choose a project that will be their “forever ...

Metal Depots Residential Metal Roofing

Top 3 Homeowner Questions on Residential Metal Roofing

By Evelyn Witterholt. Metal Depots answers the three most common questions homeowners have about metal roofs. Although metal roofs are seen as a more favorable choice for residential roofs, customers will likely have questions and concerns that you’ll need to address. If you offer residential metal roofing services to customers, ...

Metal depots welcome article

MetalCoffeeShop™ Welcomes Metal Depots

Metal Depots is a metal component supplier for residential, commercial and agricultural industries. MetalCoffeeShop™, the award-winning place to get information on all things metal construction, is pleased to welcome Metal Depots into its community for metal contractors. Metal Depots is a leading supplier of metal buildings, roofing and ...

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