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Aschenburg Residential Porch Gets Metal Redesign

ABC Residential Metal Redesign
December 29, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By ABC (American Building Components). 

This Clive, Iowa residential porch is restored with American Building Components' SL-16® exterior concealed-fastener metal panel.  

Metal is becoming a popular choice for modern renovations, and for good reason. It’s sustainable, durable and stylish. That’s why Archadeck of Central Iowa selected this metal panel for a residential porch in Clive, Iowa. ABC metal panels require little upkeep after they are installed, making them particularly desirable for everyday consumers. Keep reading to discover how ABC metal panels improved this residential home.  

Archadeck of Central Iowa, a design/build company that specializes in residential outdoor living spaces, chose ABC’s SL-16® concealed-fastener metal panels for this job. They are low maintenance and have a modern design – perfect for a residential space. With features that stand out from other shingle types, this ABC panel is future-proof.  

The building owner wanted galvanized metal to complement their siding. So, they opted for Galvalume® Plus as the panel color. The attractive appearance and durability that this panel offers will protect this Iowa porch from inclement weather and homeowner association critiques.  

The SL-16 ® metal panel is second to none when it comes to overall quality. Its clean design, versatility and ease of installation make it an industry favorite. Contributing to its durability is its siliconized polyester coating. You can order the panel in either 26 or 29-guage and 16” wide with 1” rib height. 

Learn more about American Building Components in their MetalCoffeeShop® Directory or visit abcmetalroofing.com

Original article source: ABC

About American Building Components  

For more than 100 years, American Building Components (ABC) has been committed to delivering quality and service our customers can count on. Our comprehensive range of metal building products is backed by industry-leading warranties, while our decades of industry experience enable us to help our customers confidently grow their businesses.

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