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Get Connected: Picking Digital Platforms That are Best for Your Business

CCN Social Media
March 8, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Certified Contractors Network.  

Being active on social media is an incredibly vital part of running any construction business. See which platforms might be the best choice for you. 

Part of being a home services contractor is solving customer concerns in a timely manner. Homeowners often spend less time researching their service purchases and are really just looking for the quickest solution to their problem. This is why being on social media is so important. According to a study done by CeBIT, 81% of consumers are influenced by their friends posts on social media whenever they are making a decision on a purchase. The more people see your business on social media, the more likely they are to choose you to fulfill their needs. Even if it’s an impulse decision they’re just looking to get their problem resolved quickly. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of some social media sites: 


Facebook is still a wonderful place to gain traction for your business, especially amongst the homeowner demographic. Homeowners can leave reviews, and you can find customers by answering questions in private Facebook groups. Video content uploaded directly to Facebook also gets huge engagement, so make educational videos to help homeowners with problems they can't fix. 


Although Google is straying away from Google+, it’s still important to have a current and up-to-date Google+ page, because the Google algorithm still takes valuable information from Google+ pages. Google My Business and Google reviews are still vital to setting up your business for success.  


Houzz is a great platform for B2C contractors, with 25 million users who are mostly homeowners. It is a visual platform, so you need to have engaging "before and after" photos to be successful. However, you can still post relevant images and answer homeowner questions to build relationships and increase your visibility. 


Homeowners ask for service advice on Twitter, and 53% of users recommend products and services. 70% of customer service complaints go unanswered, so set yourself apart by addressing those concerns. Use relevant hashtags and check email notifications to stay ahead of other contractors. 


YouTube is an extremely engaging platform. It’s ideal for home services contractors to showcase their expertise and add value to potential customers. With 80% of website visitors watching videos, compared to only 20% reading through a page or blog post, YouTube can be a powerful tool for demonstrating your skill and service. 


Instagram is a very popular platform amongst adults, so it may be worth considering as a marketing tool for contractors. However, it requires a unique approach and resources to make it successful, so weigh your options carefully before investing time and money into the platform.  


DIY projects are a major draw on Pinterest, one of the most popular social media platforms. If you have expertise in this area and can provide valuable photo or video-based content, you may find success. However, for service-based businesses, Pinterest requires research, trial and error, and a budget to keep at it — success won't come overnight. Unless you have the creativity and resources to spare, Pinterest may not be the best option. 


For B2B contractors, LinkedIn is an invaluable resource. Whether you primarily work in home services or have some commercial clients, having a strong presence on the platform is essential. Your profile should be accurate and linked to your personal page, and you can use it to stay up-to-date on news and find potential employees. Additionally, joining private groups can be beneficial for networking and providing value to others. However, it's unlikely that you'll find many leads on LinkedIn as a home services contractor. 

Read the full article for more advice and implementation strategies concerning social media platforms and your business. 

Learn more about Certified Contractors Network in their MetalCoffeeShop® Directory or visit www.contractors.net.

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