How to Take Advantage of Manufacturers' Training Resources

John Sheridan October influencer
November 29, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

MCS Influencer John Sheridan says that manufacturers often offer their own training resources for new metal roof and wall systems.

My first question would be what kind of training are you looking for? Are you a small company that is interested in expanding your product offerings? Are you a large company that needs to train incoming employees on basic metal details and systems? Did you just land a project with a specific manufacturer and profile that you need to bring your craftsmen up to speed? Here are some general guidelines:

  • Identify the materials and profiles that are popular in your area. For example, a painted steel or aluminum roof panel.
  • Find the manufacturers in your area that carry those products and profiles.
  • Ask the manufacturers if they offer any training content (either video or hands on)
  • Also ask manufacturers if they offer certification training for the products that they carry. It is always a plus to be able to tell a potential customer that your installers have been certified by the manufacturer to install a specific system.
  • Let your employees know that you are investing in their future by providing them with the opportunity to increase their skills and become a more valuable member of your team.
  • Treat training as any other critical component in the management and growth of your company and workforce. The more knowledgable and skilled you become, the more you can separate, and set yourself apart from your competition.

John Sheridan is the owner of Sheridan Metal Resources LLCSee his full bio here.

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