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45+ years of experience in the architectural sheet metal business. Combining a worldwide knowledge base with the best available materials and tools to provide a full service, value added experience for the sheet metal craftsman and contractor. We offer expert tool knowledge, expert technical knowledge and detail consulting and training in several different materials and disciplines. 

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No Frills, Just Tools

Sheet Metal Tools | Roofing Tools | Bending Cutting Seaming Tools | Sheridan Metal Resources LLCSheridan Metal Resources approaches tool curation a little differently than our competitors... we don't offer every tool in our inventory, but we do carry what we know you'll need to complete the task the best possible way. Based on years of experience and proven training, we present the most effective and efficient cutting, bending and seaming tools for sheet metal roofing professionals.

Learn from the Pros. Field experience delivers knowledge. Sheridan Metal Resources is more than tools for sale, it's training. With the right tools and proper knowledge about how to use them, metal roofing professionals can improve skill sets and perform more efficiently and effectively. Our training programs are designed with practical applications in mind and cover all necessary skills for metal roofing and cladding. 

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Choosing the Right Snips

It can be a little confusing deciding which snip to use when there are so many choices available. Hopefully this video will help you sort through the available snips and choose a pair that best suits the kind of work you do.

Subscribe to the Sheridan Metal Resources YouTube channel as we will be doing a series of videos about all kinds of metal tools and will also be doing a series of detail videos that show which tools work well for different situations.

Seaming Tools

The most accurate and reliable sheet metal seaming tools for the roofing professional.

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Coffee Conversations LIVE from METALCON - Sponsored by New Tech Machinery

You won't want to miss this special Coffee Conversations, sponsored by New Tech Machinery, coming to you LIVE from METALCON! Join us on day one of the show as we meet with industry leaders and experts from the metal industry. Guests include manufacturers and service providers who will ...
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Sheridan Metal Resources is only focused on one, highly-skilled discipline and we know it better than anyone…and we have the training programs to back up all of the tools we recommend and sell. You can buy metal roofing and cladding tools from outlets that sell all kinds of tools for ...
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