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Durable, inspirational and sustainable metal roofing and siding solutions. 

Vicwest helps communities build for tomorrow through durable products, sustainable solutions, and inspirational innovations.

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True Nature Metal Roof Tiles

True Nature metal tiles look and work better than traditional materials when it comes to protecting your home. 

Traditional shake tiles have a tendency to warp, split, mold, and eventually rot. Slate tiles are beautiful but heavy and prone to breakage and algae growth. Terracotta barrel tiles instantly distinguish a home, but like natural slate, their weight adds unwanted stress to a roof. 

Whether it’s shake from a cedar tree, slate quarried from a mountainside, or terracotta molded from clay – our proprietary engineering process has enabled us to create metal casts that look unprecedentedly realistic.

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Natural Beauty, Locked In. Siding crafted to emulate natural wood, engineered from steel, designed to last a lifetime. Bellara mimics Nature; the process for creating a Bellara panel starts at the lumber mill, where we search for rare woods with elegant grains and rustic boards that have a beautifully aged patina. Ultra-high-resolution imaging captures the intricacies of all the grains and knots. The granular details within each wood grain are digitally composited over 5 unique plank designs per package. This creates a pattern variation and depth that’s indistinguishable from natural wood. The result is a continuous pattern that is visually seamless. 

Locked in beauty; the finish is applied to the roll-formed locking mechanisms so when the side and bottom locks come together, there is no gap in color and wood grain. This snapping lock feature makes installation equally seamless. The Bellara fasteners are hidden as well as engineered to be secured tightly to the building’s fascia and won’t pop out like nails do over time.

Hyper-realistic design; each Bellara panel covers 5-¼ inches by 12 feet long and features a 5/8” thick architectural profile to mimic natural wood planks. Whether installed vertically or horizontally, the Bellara system produces straight, architectural lines and comes together with a set of color-matched trims to create a seamless facade. State-of-the-art coil coating technology combined with the world’s best PVDF paint locks in the wood’s natural beauty for generations.

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Engineered by Vicwest. Powered by Hover.

Transform smartphone photos of your clients’ homes into accurate, interactive 3D models. With True Nature powered by Hover, you can save time and money by closing more business.

What is HOVER? HOVER’s patented technology provides you with detailed exterior measurements for your metal roofing, siding or windows projects. You can also use the 3D model to demonstrate what True Nature metal roof tiles and colors will look like on their home.

Save Time & Money Show homeowners what their project will look like and gain instant credibility early in the sales process. All you need are exterior measurements to generate an estimate and product mock-up, all in fewer trips to the job site!

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Vicwest steel roofing and wall systems inspire curb appeal that lasts a lifetime. When it comes to protecting your home and your investment, Vicwest has you covered. Why Choose a Metal Roof? A metal roof adds value to any style of home. Here’s what makes metal roof tiles the smart choice. If you think all metal roofs look the same, think again.

Vicwest's revolutionary metal roof tiles will have you look twice. Standing seam roofing systems which provide a premium look and high performance protection from the elements with a lifetime of protection. An excellent choice for designers seeking clean architectural lines in an uninsulated steel wall panel. Each of these profiles are installed using a hidden fastening system and can be applied either vertically or horizontally. 

Versatile, highly durable yet economical roofing and siding solutions for virtually every project type. With our flat or corrugated polycarbonate and PVC panels, you can easily expand your living area—enclose a patio, cover a pergola, or add privacy partitions.

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Vicwest steel roofing and siding can be seen on some of North America’s most innovative commercial properties. North America’s most innovative architects and builders partner with Vicwest for their commercial projects. An excellent choice for designers seeking clean architectural lines in an uninsulated steel wall panel. Each of these profiles are installed using a hidden fastening system and can be applied either vertically or horizontally. Metal roof systems providing the ultimate in design performance. Architecturally attractive and exceptionally functional designs for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Versatile, highly durable yet economical roofing and siding solutions for every project type. Structural steel roof bracing systems. Highly innovative systems engineered to provide simplified design and efficient construction along with the highest performing, most efficient building envelope performance available.

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Building for Tomorrow

Together with the team at Kingspan, we’ve embarked on a Planet Passionate strategy that aims to improve our impact on three big global issues: climate change, circularity and protection of our natural world.

Because while Vicwest has always been passionate about building durable and sustainable products, we’re equally passionate about producing them in the most environmentally responsible way. From Net Zero Energy to community programming, discover how Vicwest facilities across the country are contributing to positive environmental change.

"It is encouraging to know that we are eliminating our impact on the resources and the environment we take for granted, and building for tomorrow by supporting and promoting Planet Passionate.”
 - Bernard Lewis, Vice President of Operations

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