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Is Your Roof Ready to Handle Ice and Snow?

TRA Snow Metal Cast with Mindy
May 9, 2023 at 12:00 p.m.

By Yvette Cruz. 

As the weather becomes more and more unpredictable, TRA Snow & Sun discusses the importance of having snow guards to help prepare and minimize damage from heavy snow fall. 

In Season One, Episode 12 of MetalCast, snow retention is the latest topic due to severe weather conditions in many parts of the country. Talking about these snowy conditions with Heidi J. Ellsworth is Mindy Dahlquist from TRA Snow & Sun. Mindy is the business development manager at TRA Snow & Sun and has a strong understanding of their product and services. 

Lately, mother nature has decided to take nature back into her own hands. With extreme weathers such snowstorms and heat waves, it’s important to keep your roof maintained so that it not only lasts longer but also keeps your family safe.  

In areas where there is heavy snow or hail 50-70% of the year, it’s important to think ahead. When customers hear snow retention, they immediately question why one would want to do that. Wouldn’t that damage the roof? Wouldn’t that make the possibility of the roof collapsing higher?  

Mindy says, “Safety is going to be the number one reason that snow retention is important.” Retention creates a blanket of snow, maintaining the snow's position until it melts in place. Having large blocks of snow slide off the roof is very dangerous and can harm passersby and destroy property.   

“Brackets and fences are both designed differently and have different characteristics on how they work,” Mindy explains. With both types of snow guards, it doesn’t prevent snow from moving but allows for it to be manipulated so that it doesn’t come crashing down all at once, burying people and property in the process.  

Listen to the full podcast to find out more about how to retain snow on your roof and keep those around you safe with different types of snow guards.

Learn more about TRA Snow & Sun in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit www.trasnowandsun.com.

About TRA Snow & Sun

TRA stands for Tile Roofing Accessories, the founder Terry Anderson had worked as a long-time tile roofing consultant and noticed the concerns when heavy snow moves on roofs. He then traveled through Europe visiting some of the snowiest regions to see what tools could be implemented to mitigate the snow dangers and damages. Snow retention was very common across Europe.  With his return to the states, Terry designed Snow Brackets TM, other Snow fences and has continued to build the product line. Since 1996 TRA has focused on providing individualized care and stellar services, TRA Snow & Sun punches above their weight when it comes to quality and value.

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