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METALCON Coffee Conversations!

Three Metal Associations Contractors Should Join and Why

Rob Haddock march influencer 2023
April 6, 2023 at 1:00 p.m.

MCS Influencer Rob Haddock says that joining a metal construction association can provide contractors access to networking and problem-solving.

Editor's note: The following consists of a conversation between COO Karen Edwards and S-5!'s Founder, Rob Haddock.

Karen Edwards: Hi everyone. This is Karen Edwards from MetalCoffeeShop, and I am being joined today by Rob Haddock from S-5!. Rob, welcome.

Rob Haddock: Thank you, Karen. Good to be with you.

Karen Edwards: Yeah. So this month's topic is something that is near and dear to my heart. I'm a big fan of associations, and we're wondering what metal construction associations you feel contractors should be involved with and why?

Rob Haddock: Well, you just said one in your question. What metal construction associations? As far as contractors are concerned, are three possibilities I think. One is NRCA, of course. Another is the Metal Construction Association, and the third is the MBCEA, which is an acronym for Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association. The first one, of course, as you know, is a very large group, and it's a group primarily of contractors. The thing is, it doesn't not directed exclusively at metal. It's directed at a broad spectrum.

The Metal Construction Association as its name implies, is directed exclusively at metal construction. However, that organization it's welcoming to contractor members, but frankly, the due structure is more oriented toward the supply side of the industry. In other words, it's pricey. So I'm not one to mince words usually, but anyway, but it is a very, very worthy trade group, and the next organization, I should say, MBCEA is the only one of the three that is really directed at metal construction and for contractors. Of course, it has associate members that are on the supply side of the equation, such as our company S-5!, but it's primarily oriented at contractors.

Having said that, it is called the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association. So it is not necessarily aimed at roofers. As you're probably aware, metal roofing is a big part of metal building construction. But I would say most of the membership of the MBCEA are metal building specialists, metal building contractors. So I don't know if that answers your question, but that's the best I got for you.

Karen Edwards: Well, what are some of the benefits that a contractor could expect to get by being a member of an association like this?

Rob Haddock: Well, Karen, the benefits of belonging to any trade association, in my opinion, the biggest benefit is the networking that's involved. But meeting other people within your same industry, discussing problems that are common to people who work within that industry, those are huge benefits in my opinion. But aside from that, it's staying abreast through newsletters and association meetings and so on of what's going on within that industry and what's new within that industry. There's a camaraderie that develops, but like anything, it's not worth anything unless you attend meetings and unless you get involved, I mean, simply joining and paying membership dues accomplishes very little. It's all a matter of how much you attend and involve yourself and get into it with other people.

And there are also some of these organizations direct which way the industry is going in terms of codes and standards and compliance and all those other kinds of things. So from my perspective, I've always been a joiner and I belong to so many professional trade organizations. I can hardly remember them all, but the ones that are most specific to my own industry are the ones that I contribute my time, talent, and energy and so on. And I've always found it to be very rewarding, and it's hard to put your finger on exactly what is the best benefit, because there are so many different ones. It's just a whole new community that you wouldn't have exposure to, otherwise.

Karen Edwards: Excellent advice, show up. A lot of these associations are looking for fresh faces and input and ideas and energy, and I think that's the best advice that someone could take away from this is definitely be involved.

Rob Haddock: Yeah, show up and contribute. Get involved. Exactly.

Karen Edwards: I love it.

Rob Haddock: Yeah.

Karen Edwards: Well, thank you Rob, so much for sharing with us this month. We appreciate your insight and your wisdom, and hopefully we'll get some folks on the right path to getting involved with their associations.

Rob Haddock: Always a pleasure, Karen. God bless. Talk to you soon.

Karen Edwards: Take care. Bye-bye.

Rob Haddock: Bye.

Rob Haddock is the founder and CEO of S-5!. See his full bio here.

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